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At EHT, our engineers offer a broad range of services. Whether you’realready using renewable energy, using a traditional gas or oil system, building your new home or office, just need your system serviced/updated or simply considering your options, you can talk to us. We serve Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire and beyond.

Are you looking for plumbers who can work with a wide range of heat sources?

Today, more and more households are stepping away from traditional energy sources. Whether your home uses gas, oil, or renewable energy, our team of engineers, serving Carmarthenshire and Pembrokeshire are here to help.


New Gas Combination Boiler bundle from £2000 fitted with 7 year warranty see our gas page for details.

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  • Ground source and air source heat pumps available
  • Solar Thermal  hot water systems installed and maintained
  • Come to us for biomass systems
  • Call 01994 241769 or email: info@ehtplumbers.co.uk