Oil heating installation, servicing and repair…

Reliable oil heating in Milford Haven & beyond

As we live in a rural area, our engineers are very familiar with oil heating appliances, our Oftec trained engineers can service, repair and install a wide variety of oil fired heating appliances.

Maintaining your oil fired heating appliance some key points

  • Oil filters cleaned or replaced
  • Oil injection nozzle replaced
  • Combustion chamber cleaned and inspected
  • Safety devices checked
  • Condensate trap cleaned (if fitted)
  • Oil pressure and base settings reset
  • Service documentation completed

Replacing ageing controls could save you money

If your system isn’t fitted with a boiler interlock you could be using more heating oil than you should, fitting new efficient programmable controls and setting them correctly will save you money, if you think your controls may not be efficient, Call EHT for a free appraisal and quotation.

Oil tank installation

oil-tankThe left hand picture is a poor oil tank installation, the right hand picture is a good oil tank installation, which one do you have?

Not sure? Call us for a FREE oil tank appraisal.
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